Saturday, July 07, 2007


With just over a month until law school my earlier anxiety is gone and now I am feeling ready, even eager, to start. I went shopping last week and bought some new clothes that fit -- I have lost some weight recently and now weigh less than I did before I was pregnant, so everything I owned was too big -- which has probably added to my confidence level.

I am also getting back in to reading some books from my pre-law reading list. I finished Gideon's Trumpet, which was good, although at times it seemed padded with a little too much basic info on the Supreme Court. But I was unfamiliar with the history of the right to a lawyer and Gideon himself was an interesting guy, so I thought it was a worthwhile read even though it was fairly light. I have now returned to A History of American Law. It is a long and pretty dense book, but I think that it would be useful to have that background and if I read just 10 pages a day I will be able to finish it before school starts. I am actually aiming for 20 pages a day though, because I would like to have time to read something else before school starts as well.

There are a few minor law school related tasks to attend to before school starts, like completing my student loan entrance interview online (I actually already did this but the financial aid office doesn't seem to have a record of it, so I sent them the email confirmation I got and have to follow up with them on that next week), getting in touch with the person responsible for certifying my enrollment to the VA so I can get my GI Bill benefits, and signing up for or submitting a waiver for the student insurance. I won't find out what professors I have or what my schedule will be until the first day of orientation (although I may be able to find out a few days earlier online), so I can't buy books or start filling in my weekly schedule or anything like that yet. I do have the schedule for orientation though. Ours is just two days, and the second day is optional, but highly recommended. I plan on attending both days, but will probably skip the evening stuff so I can get home in time to relieve the nanny and put the little guy to bed.

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