Saturday, June 23, 2007

Duplication of Effort and Inconsistencies

My school has now created four separate websites for the entering class. First the admissions office gave us the admitted students page, then they gave us a bulletin board so we could get to know each other and look for roommates. Then the student services office created a site about orientation and enrolling. Finally they created another site where we could post our profiles and chat. Not only are there four completely separate websites, but each has a separate login. In addition, because the bulletin board created by the admissions office was pretty lame, some students created a Facebook group. So there are potentially three different places for students to post profiles and chat among ourselves and two places to look for information on the enrollment requirements.

Another weird thing... we had to send in a picture of ourselves that will be used for the hard copy facebook and given to the professors for seating charts. They asked for a passport sized picture. If you mailed it in they had a form with a little box showing that the picture should be 2 x 2.5 inches. But if you emailed it to them the requirements were different. If you were scanning it in they said it should be scanned to 3"x5" at 300 dpi. Which is weird because 3x5 is a totally different ratio than 2x2.5. Then if you sent in a digital camera picture, they said it should be at least 2000 pixels wide, which is strange because 3x5 at 300 dpi is only 900x1500 pixels. I sent them a digital camera picture that I cropped to 3x5 at 300 dpi. Based on what I heard from the various discussion boards they were pretty much accepting whatever they got, so it probably didn't matter, but I found the inconsistent requirement confusing.

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