Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Admitted Students Website

I now have access to the admitted student's website at the one school to which I have been admitted so far. I can sign up for the Admitted Student Reception; I can apply for Financial Aid (not yet); I can look at some of the paperwork I will need to submit if I decide to attend (immunization records, official transcript, health insurance); I can read the FAQ. But, the best part is they have a summer reading list! It is intended for my enjoyment, not mandatory, and it is long (almost 70 books), and I don't even think that I will be going to this school, but I still want to read as many of the books on it as I can (how much I will be able to read while taking care of a baby with a very irregular sleeping schedule is an open question -- however, the baby has actually been taking the occasional two-hour nap lately, making reading more of a possibility). I am excited to actually be doing something related to law school -- it is starting to feel a little bit real that I will actually be going to law school next year. I already ordered a dozen of them from Of course, if I get accepted to my number one or two school and they have a reading list too, then that will take priority. As it gets closer to school starting I will probably do some more serious reading to prepare for school. I know a lot of people say not to try to prepare for law school, but I remember things better if I have been exposed to them before. So, if I read a book on Contracts this summer, when I take the class it will stick better. Anyway, I may post book reviews as I read -- more for my own benefit than anything else, since having to write about the book will help me remember it better.

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