Thursday, December 21, 2006

No such things as a free ride?

Frugal Law Student has a post that relates to the question I asked in my first post: is it better to go to a lower ranked school with a large scholarship or a higher ranked school without a scholarship? I knew that if I went to a lower ranked school that I would need a higher GPA to have good job prospects, but FLS points out that many of the lower ranked schools have a mean first year curve, and that if the scholarship is dependant on maintaining a certain GPA you may lose it after the first year, leaving you with poor job prospects and large debt. This just strengthens my initial inclination to go to a higher-ranked school even if I do have to pay most of the tuition myself (of course I am still hoping for a scholarship at my number one or two school!).

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The Frugal Law Student said...

I would definitely consider the higher ranking school. I'm starting to have some buyer's remorse in my decision of law school. I had the opportunity to go to a much better school with no scholarship, but opted for the awesome scholarship package from the fourth tier school.I'm on pins and needles to see how my grades turned out. Let's hope they were good.