Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Guy News

  • In the last week and a half or so the little guy has really started walking a lot. He can't stand up without holding on to something yet, but once he's up he can go far. I think we can officially call him a toddler!
  • He's also mastered buttons and switches. We can no longer watch TV with him around because he changes the channel or turns it off. He also absolutely loves light switches. We had to move his crib because he could reach the light switch from where it was and would stay up at night turning the light on and off.
  • He has five teeth now (they've been coming in fast in the last month or so).
  • We found out last week that the little guy is not allergic to eggs after all. The results from the blood test had indicated a very mild allergy, but when the allergist did a skin test, which he said is more accurate, it showed no allergy. So I've given him some egg this week and it hasn't seemed to cause any problems.

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