Tuesday, August 07, 2007


It is less than a week now until school starts. I have been buying school supplies and trying to get a few last things done. Many of my future classmates have arrived in town and have been arranging various informal get-togethers. So far I haven't participated in any. I think maybe I just want to have this last week of family time before law school takes over my life. I am, however, planning on going to a wine and cheese tasting being held by my school's women's group later this week and I might go to the Student Senate sponsored party Saturday night. We'll see.

I got portraits done of the little guy last week. He was very cute. He just got his second tooth on the bottom and now the first one on the top is already coming through. It's weird that it was two months between the first and second tooth and only two weeks between the second and third tooth. Maybe they'll keep accelerating and we'll get done with this teething business in the next couple weeks. Hah!

We also applied for passports for myself and the little guy last week. We have a trip to Mexico with my family planned for winter break so, with all the delays in getting passport applications processed lately, we figured we needed to do it before school starts.

Our nanny is starting tomorrow. She will be coming for just three hours a day for the next three days to give the little guy a chance to get used to her and her to us before she starts for real next week.

Finally, we just found out that the little guy has a mild allergy to eggs. They seem to give him a rash and a blood test confirmed he has egg antibodies, or whatever. It is probably something he will grow out of, but for now we need to avoid eggs.


Zuska said...

I recommend the Sharpie retractable highlighters. You can get them at Staples in a 10-pack, which means lots and lots of fun colors (including purple - I love purple highlighters). They last a long time, so the expense is worth it. Other brands dry out after ONE reading assignment, and that sucks.

Teeth stay sporadic - even when they're falling out! My girls have lost up to 4 teeth in a week, and then one will stay just a little wiggly for 6 months.

Go figure.

saramel said...

Zuska, I actually already bought the sharpie retractable highlighters from Amazon last week! I love retractable highlighters.