Saturday, August 11, 2007

Counting down

It is now about 85 hours until my first law school class. I got my schedule a few days earlier than expected -- they posted them online yesterday. I am really happy with mine. The timing of the classes is perfect for the schedule that we worked out with our nanny, and, get this, after the first three weeks of Legal methods (which is morning and afternoon Monday through Friday) I have no classes on Friday! I have Torts and Contracts in the morning Monday through Thursday and Civ Pro in the afternoon Monday through Wednesday, and our legal practice workshop on Thursday afternoon. I have two and a half hours free in the middle of the day Monday through Wednesday which will be good for going to the gym or the library. My professors look good too. I was reading the comments from former students and they are all pretty positive. Prof Legal Methods is said to be a good introduction to the Socratic method, Prof Civ Pro apparently is really good at explaining difficult concepts, and Prof Contracts apparently has an economics slant. Prof Torts is an unknown since he is a visiting professor and Prof Legal Practice Workshop is new, so he is also an unknown.

In other news, things went really well with the nanny this week. She and the little guy got along well. Wednesday I showed her where everything is and went over the little guy's routine. Thursday they went for a short trip to the park and Friday they went to the Children's Museum. I am very comfortable leaving the little guy with her. So now I am really ready to start school.


PT-LawMom said...

Yay!! How exciting. Are you nervous? I bet having the nanny there really takes some of the pressure off. Hope the first week goes really well and that the teachers are as good as everyone says.

tom slade said...

Good luck! I'm starting 1L too, but in 500+ hours, but it's going by quick. "Prof Legal Methods is said to be a good introduction to the Socratic method" -- that's the only thing I think I'm not really looking forward to, everyone I've spoke to in law school gets an evil glisten in their eye when they mention the Socratic method.