Friday, September 28, 2007

First Exam and First Sleepover

I had my first law school exam today. Sure it was pass/fail, but it was still a law school exam. It was a four-hour in-class limited open book (course books and personally prepared notes and outlines only) exam for Legal Methods. There was one traditional hypothetical type question and one policy question. I spent three hours on the hypo and only one hour on the policy question. I couldn't think of much to say on the policy question, although I really should have anticipated the question and prepared an answer ahead of time, but I only had one day to study, so I didn't have time to do everything that I theoretically should have done. I think I passed, so I am not worried about it. We are actually going to get comments back which hopefully will be helpful for refining my exam-taking technique for the real ones in December.

We had the day off yesterday to study. Our nanny also had yesterday and today off, so in the morning I took the little guy out to his grandmother's house yesterday to spend the night -- his first night away from me. He had fun on the train and laughed when we got to our car and he saw his carseat and some old toys of his inside. He must have recognized them even though it's been a couple months since he has seen them. Anyway, there was only about five minutes for the drop off because I had to jump on another train going back into the city. So I quickly showed grandma how to fold the stroller and got the little guy buckled into his carseat and then leapt back up the stairs to the train platform just in time to step on the train.

Back home I worked on my outlines and read and briefed a case our professor distributed to us on Wednesday that he promised would "figure significantly" in the exam. I spent about 8 or 9 hours total preparing for the exam.

I had a leisurely morning this morning, kind of enjoying having the time to myself. Before the little guy was born I used to enjoy having my personal time in the morning, because I get up significantly earlier than hubby. Since the little guy was born however I haven't had that time to myself (or anytime to myself) so it was nice. Not that I don't enjoy our morning time, but most days it is a little more hectic with trying to get everybody fed (pets included), and dressed (pets not included) and get out the door.

So anyway, our exam was scheduled from 10-2, and I was worried about being hungry in the middle, so on the way I bought a breakfast sandwich -- two eggs and sausage on a roll. That did the trick. I wasn't hungry at all until about the last 20 minutes of the exam. But then right after the exam I had to rush downtown to catch the train back to grandma's to pick the little guy up. I ate a luna bar on the way out there and then on the way home I stopped and bought a couple of cheese tamales from a street vendor for a buck each. We got home around 5:45 -- just in time to eat dinner and put the little guy to bed. He was tired because he didn't really take a nap at grandma's, but he was in good spirits. He had fun with grandma -- she had lots of new (to him) toys for him to play with and he got to run around in the yard and go to court and go shopping for wedding dresses (not for him). Although he didn't really nap yesterday either, he apparently went right to sleep last night, which was my biggest fear about him spending the night away. And he went right to sleep tonight too. So everything went well.

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