Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Notes from the First Week of Law School

I have now completed five days of law school classes. So far I am really enjoying it. Last week was hard because we didn't get our assignment for the first day until two days before classes started and it was a long assignment so I didn't complete it until the night before and then each night I was reading for the next day's class which made me feel like I was kind of behind because I wasn't ahead. But over the weekend I was able to get ahead a little bit and now I am reading two days ahead, which makes me feel more relaxed. It is amazing but we are actually going to get through an 800+ page textbook in less than three weeks.

Oh, and my professor is super-nice. He actually said that if anybody feels that the prospect of being called in causes them such anxiety that they feel it actually interferes with their ability to learn he will take them out of the rotation. He calls on a lot of people each class and people also volunteer. I haven't been called on yet, but the prospect doesn't really scare me, I have felt prepared enough to answer the questions he has been asking so far.

My routine is working out pretty well. I usually have two or three hours to study during the day and then do another two or three hours at home after the little guy goes to bed. Hubby watched the little guy on one weekend day so I could go to the library and study and the other weekend day was my day off from law school.

I have been spending three or four hours a day with the little guy, which seems like still a good amount of time, but I noticed when I spent that day with him on the weekend that he looked different to me, like he had grown over the week, and because I was spending less time with him I now had the perspective to see the changes.

I also changed over the week... I lost two pounds. I guess the mile walk to and from law school each day is doing me good. I also checked out the University's gym this week and plan on going there twice a week starting tomorrow. I am also thinking of signing up for a yoga class in the fall.


LL said...

Congrats on your first week!

It sounds like you have a good system worked out- and good luck on hitting the gym. I have big ambitions every school year but they always disappear a few weeks in. I have a "workout plan" this year too and this time I'm hoping the desire to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes will propel me to the gym :)

PT-LawMom said...

Glad it's going well so far!! Hope you're able to stick with your routine as the semester goes on. I think the changing baby thing is normal. I come home from one day at work and I think Pumpkinhead has changed. ;0

2L Wannabe said...

Woohoo two pounds - if they were ones you wanted to lose that is.

Also, isn't it thrilling to actually be DOING school instead of just endlessly obssessing over it?

Babies do change quick - you probably are not imagining it. How old is Wee One?