Sunday, May 20, 2007

Looking Back and Ahead

Back in January I shared my goals for this semester. Since the semester seems to be over for almost everybody who was in school I figured I would go back and see how I did, and maybe set some new goals for the summer.

These were my goals for this semester:

  • Keep my son alive and healthy: He has now completely recovered from last week's stomach bug, and, other than being extra cranky due to teething (finally!), is doing well, so check.

  • Keep my son from torturing the dog: Check. We actually had an incident where my dog snapped at my son, not because the baby was torturing her, but just because she was in a tight space with the baby crawling toward her and she felt trapped, so now I keep them well apart.

  • Do my taxes: Check!

  • Fill out financial aid applications: Check!

  • Decide which law school to go to in the fall: Check!

  • Sell our house: Check!

  • Find a place to live: Check!

  • Do some reading to prepare for law school: define "some."

  • Go see a movie with hubby: as zuska predicted, this was the hardest -- we have not been to a movie.

So for this summer my main goal is to find daycare for the little guy. I have a list of family daycares near me that accept children his age, so I need to start calling them to see if they have any openings. It looks like hubby is going to be able to start working from home soon, which means that hopefully we will be able to work it out so that the little guy isn't in daycare for more than about 6 hours a day. In the morning hubby can keep an eye on the little guy while checking email and doing some of the more mundane tasks of his job, then drop him off at daycare around 10 or 11, and hopefully I will be done with school around 4 or so and can pick him up then. I'm hoping that the family daycares can be fairly flexible about when we drop off and pick up the little guy so that if I have a particularly long or short day, or hubby needs more baby-free time to get things done that we will be able to adjust our schedule.

(By the way, I am going to try calling my son "the little guy" or maybe "LG" for short, because "my son" and "the baby" sound so impersonal and DS is so un-original).


LawSchoolMom said...

My prediction is that finding a quality daycare for fall will be more difficult than getting out for a movie. Around here all the good places have long waiting lists.

Bubba finally has a spot for fall at our top preschool choice - after being on the waitlist for nearly two years. It's worse than law school admissions!

PT-LawMom said...

Good luck with finding a good daycare. It's so hard! Just make sure you find someone licensed. My friend is licensed and the state is very strict with her, which I think is really good. Daycare centers have the built-in controls of video monitoring and other people around. In-home daycare scares me to death (not to be negative or rain on your parade -- there are good ones out there).

Pumpkinhead is almost 4 and I think we've been to two adult movies in the past four years. LOL! Hope you have better success.

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