Thursday, March 01, 2007

Things are Really Coming Together Now

I have now completed four of the tasks on my to do list for this semester: I have done our taxes, finished my financial aid applications, our house is under contract (we are closing in two weeks), and -- most exciting of all -- we found a place to live! Just by pure luck I happened to be looking at the apartment listings on cragislist (this was before we had a closing date for our house) and I saw this listing for a two bedroom at an unbelievable price. I sent it to hubby and he jokingly replied, "should I call this guy today?" But after we both thought about it for a little bit we realized, it would be worth it to pay rent on top of our mortgage for a couple months to get this apartment at this great price. So he went to look at it that day and the next day we all went to look at it again. It is not a very big apartment (especially coming from a 2000 sq ft house), but it has two bedrooms (which sounds like heaven since for the last five months we have been living in one), they accept pets, and, most importantly, it fits our budget much better than we had imagined possible. So we filled out the application. The same day we found out that the family buying our house had sold their house and the people buying their house wanted to close in a few weeks. So now it is perfect that we already found this apartment and we can move out of our house and into our apartment at the same time. After a bit more paperwork than I expected, our application for the apartment was approved and we signed the lease today! So, the next week will be filled with the joy of moving, which should be interesting with a 7-month-old in tow.

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