Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Well-Traveled Baby

A couple days ago my five-month-old and I returned from our trip to the West Coast. This was his second trip to the West Coast (the first was when he was six weeks old). He does really well on the plane: sleeps most of the time and when he is awake he is in a good mood because he loves looking at everything. The trip out was a little crowded and until he fell asleep he was squirming around quite a bit -- he doesn't fit as neatly in my lap as he did when he was six weeks old, and, despite my efforts, I couldn't seem to keep all his limbs within our designated seat space. At one point he even touched the guy next to me with his drooly hand. The guy was quite nice about it, but did not accept my offer of a burp rag to wipe off with. On the flight back we had an empty seat next to us, which was much nicer.

Pacific time seems to suit him, because he also slept well at our destination. He was in bed between eight and nine every night, sleeping for eight or more hours without waking up and taking two-hour naps during the day. I was hoping this trend would continue at home but it hasn't. He is sleeping worse than before our trip -- he was up until 12:30a the last two nights. I am hoping it is just jet lag, but, if not, we may have to consider moving to the west coast.

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