Saturday, January 06, 2007

Law School Application Update

I had a brief moment of panic before the holidays about the application at my number one law school choice. My application had to be in before January 1 for me to be eligible for the scholarships I was applying for. I finished my application three weeks before the deadline, thinking that would be plenty of time. But when I called the admissions office on the 22nd the person I spoke with said that my application was not complete. When I asked whether they would be in the office the following week she said no. So I had a little freak out thinking that I had finished my application too late and all the work I had done on my essays was for nothing. But when I asked about the scholarship deadline, she said that they gave a grace period since January 1 was a holiday, and that as long as they received my application by January 5 I would still be eligible to be considered for the scholarships. So, I felt pretty confident that my application and law school report would be there by then (if it wasn't there already and just not processed), but I still had a little worry that was nagging at me during the holidays. The scholarships are probably a long shot, but I would be pretty upset if I wasn't even considered for them because of stupidity on my part. On the 3rd I called them again (I figured I'd give them one day to go through their mail before I called) and spoke with a very pleasant gentleman who informed me that my application had been received just before the break (!) and that it should be processed and I should receive an email notice of completion in a few days. He also confirmed that, assuming I had submitted all the necessary materials for the scholarship, and assuming I was admitted, I would be considered for the scholarship. Whew!

I received a completion notice from my number two school over the holidays (they were waiting for a dean's letter), so now everything is really done and I just have to wait and see what happens.

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tryme said...

Looks like you really went through a pretty rough time there. I am glad everything worked out for you and hopefully you will get into your top choice with the scholarship. But, that is always frustrating and was one of my biggest worries.