Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Law Firm Rankings

Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession (BBLP) has just released its rankings of big law firms in several markets across the country in areas like diversity, billable hours and pro bono hours. I found the documents on the "female opportunity gap" particularly interesting -- while at many law firms women make up between 35-50% of associates, they generally make up less than 20% of partners.

I don't think I will be working at a law firm after graduation, but I haven't completely ruled it out, and, regardless, I think what big law firms do is relevant to the legal profession as a whole because the big law firms are the most visible face of the legal profession. So I definitely support what BBLP are doing.

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pbb said...

I very much support what they're doing do - interesting stuff. Although I disagree with the idea that big law firms are the most visible side of the profession - I think that's true for law students some some schools, and high-paid businesspeople. But for many "regular folks," I think the most visible lawyers are prosecutors, public and private criminal defenders, and small private practitioners like personal injury, divorce or will and probate guys.