Saturday, September 01, 2007

Week Wrap-Up

This week was the last week of Legal Methods. We finished our 837 page casebook in 13 days of class (averaging over 60 pages/day). We didn't finish with quite as much enthusiasm as we started, which had something to do with the reading load and something to do with the fact that we all seemed to be coughing or sniffling through most of the week. It was nice to have this introduction -- it served as a relatively low-stress breaking-in to law school classes -- but I think we are all ready to move on to the real classes now. So, on Tuesday it starts for real! (Not that this wasn't real, but it is pass/fail so it wasn't too real).

Oh and hubby and my parental accomplishment of the week was to teach the little guy how to pant like a dog. Yay us!

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