Friday, September 21, 2007

Quick update

This week I was called on for the first time in two classes on the same day. It was Contracts and Civ Pro. I did well in Contracts, but not so well in Civ Pro. Contracts is a small class (only about 35 students) so it is definitely easier to talk in that class. Civ Pro is a large class with stadium-style seating and microphones. It is a bit more intimidating and I panicked a little bit. I had the information I needed highlighted and also written in my notes, but for some reason I kept trying to read the un-highlighted part of the text. Anyway, it wasn't too bad, just not great.

Next Friday is our legal methods exam. We get a day off from classes on Thursday so that we can study, although for some reason Prof Civ Pro has scheduled the first meetings of our TA sections on that day. They are optional and I don't know if anyone will show up. I don't plan to.

Our nanny is actually taking next Thursday and Friday off, so the little guy is going to spend the night at his grandma's house. I will be taking him there on Thursday morning and picking him up Friday afternoon after the test.

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