Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Found Wisdom: Essential Law School Skills

So a long time ago I started a series of posts that I called Found Wisdom in which I shared useful articles, blog posts, etc, about law school that I had found and saved. So far there has only been one post in this series, but with classes about to start I thought it was a good time to have another installment. In this post I will share links to articles that discuss the essential law school skills of briefing cases and outlining.




roentarre said...

Thank you for this post.

you are trying to distill the case down to its essence, and too much information can cloud the picture

I am in medical line fo work and your post made me realise that there is always an emphasis on communication and ability to "brief" materials to colleagues.

It helped me a lot!



Anonymous said...

You will only find it useful to make briefs during the first two months or so of school, and then you will stop. After that, your time can be much better spent on other things.

L.J.T. said...

I am curious as to wether you find anonymous' advice to be correct. is briefing really something that most people stick with or is it a tool that only a few find useful?

saramel said...


I don't really know yet. Based on my 1 week of experience in reading cases for law school I don't think I will ever stop briefing completely. I think I will at least need to write out the facts and the issue in my own words, because often the court doesn't state those clearly so you can just highlight it and refer to it. Plus I think it helps me to understand the case better if I process it in that way rather than just passively underlining it.

Austin said...

Thanks for the link!

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