Sunday, February 18, 2007

Baby Bookmarks

In searching for ways to entertain my six-and-a-half month old when I've had enough of chasing him around the living room and he is frustrated with me for thwarting him every time he gets close to getting ahold of something interesting (like the dog toys or computer wires), I have found a couple of websites that hold his attention for a little while.

The first is the infant games page at the Fisher Price website. In these games when he hits the keys on the keyboard he is rewarded with little cartoons and cute sounds. He loves banging on the keyboard, but I have to be quick to click the mouse back inside the game screen whenever he accidently hits the Windows or Alt keys.

His other favorite site is YouTube. He enjoys watching videos like the ones in this playlist of babies talking and laughing and playing. He also likes the dog and cat videos, like this one.

Of course there is some debate over whether children under two should be exposed to TV and computer screens at all. However, I don't think that ten or fifteen minutes in front of the computer a day could really hurt, and it gives us something different to do.

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