Friday, November 10, 2006

Applying to Law School, Part II

So, one of the reasons I started this blog is to talk about being a mom and going to law school. I won't be the first person to blog about this (LawMom, transmogriflaw, yayarolly and MadMom are a few of those who have gone before me) but it seems that there are few enough that it is worthwhile to have one more. But I am not in law school yet -- which would explain the dearth of posts about law school. I am, however, pretty much done with my applications. The only thing I still have to do is write some essays for some scholarships I am applying for. I have been procrastinating on writing those essays for a while now. It's not hard to procrastinate when you have a three-month-old. When he takes a nap the first thing I do is eat, the second thing I do is take care of the most urgent household chores (laundry, dishes). Since most of his naps are less than an hour, that might be all I get done. However, if I have extra time I will probably check my email, order diapers on Amazon (you can get $10 off every $50 grocery order through November 30 and it's mostly all eligible for free shipping, so stock up!) or write something for this blog. I figure writing this blog is giving me practice writing, which will help when I get around to writing my essays. It's a pretty good rationalization, so I'm going to use it for now.

Anyway, one of the reasons I am procrastinating is that the scholarships I am applying for (five of them) are all awarded by the same committee, and yet they want a separate essay for each scholarship. So I have to write five entirely different essays explaining my committment to whatever each scholarship is for. I could probably cover the requirements of all the scholarships in one essay (none are mutually exclusive), but they want five seperate ones. I am planning on thinking of them as one essay with five parts. I actually have two written so far, and I have until January 1st. So I'm really not in bad shape. But I need to take advantage of my current easy access to my mother in law and spend an hour or two sans baby working on these essays and get them done before the holiday craziness starts.

So, the point of all this was to explain that not much is going on law-school-wise at the moment, which is why there are so few law-school-related posts. But things should get interesting pretty soon, as I hope to hear from a couple schools in December, and then will get to start filling out financial aid applications in January. So, stay tuned!

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